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Dogs in Program

There are typically between 25 and 35 dogs in our program at any given time – some will stay with us longer than others as they overcome their medical or behavioral challenges.   Those dogs who need specialized veterinary care may remain in our care for an extended period of time.  Click here to read about some of our dogs who came into our program with serious medical issues and learn how we helped them recover.

Available Dogs

Please visit the adoption Info page to find information on how to get started with the adoption process.  The dogs shown below are available now for adoption.  Check back often as this list changes frequently.  If you are interested in meeting some of our available dogs, come to the next adoption event.  




Who is your buddy?  I am?  Wouldn't you like to let me come to your house?   Click here to learn more about me.





I've been told that I live up to my name.  Are you looking for a gentle, loving golden girl like me?  Do you have kids?   Click here to learn more about me.


Johnny Cash

Johnny Cash


My name is Johnny Cash and I am singing the blues.  If I could find my forever home I'd feel so much better.  Click here to read all about me.


Maggie At Adoptathon



Are you looking for a girly girl?  I'd love to be your buddy.  Read all about me and take me home with you!  Click here to read all about me.


Pooh Goes For A Ride


Read my story to find out why I should be your new best buddy.   Click here to learn more about me.


Lucille's Smile



Young, active girl looking for a forever home.  Do you have one?  Let's talk!  Click here to read all about me.






Look at me living up to my name - Patience!  I am a young, well-behaved girl learning all about life.  Click here to read all about me.


Lulu Too



My, Lulu, what wonderful ears you have!   Click here to read all about her.


Sookie At Adoptathon


I am a young girl who somehow got lost in this world.  Can I come play with you?  Oh, and can I stay, too?  Click here to read all about me.


Audie Murphy's Smile

Audie Murphy

Perfect purebred golden boy looking for his perfect forever home.  You need some Murphy in your life   Click here to read all about him.



Referral Dogs (not in our program)

We provide listings for referral dogs as a service to the community, but we do not screen dogs to determine their suitability for adoption.  We make no representations regarding the accuracy of the information provided by the owners/fosters and we assume no responsibility for the condition or behavior of the dogs.

Tundra is an adult male mix who was rescued after a life of neglect and malnourishment.  At the time of his rescue, he was chained to the side of the house and could not reach shelter.  His back end is paralyzed, likely from being hit by a car.  Despite that, he has no problem getting around. He loves people and any attention you can give him!

Aside from the paralyzed legs, Tundra is very normal and loves all the things other dogs love!  He can play fetch with the ball and loves to chew on bones and toys.  He greets you when you get home, naps at your feet and sleeps quietly through the night.  Tundra is starting to use a wheelchair to take walks. Everything is very new to him and he gets more comfortable each day.  Check out Tundra's video!

If Tundra might be a fit for your home, please contact trace.hoekstra@ragom.org .

NOTE: This is a courtesy post for Retrieve a Golden of Minnesota (RAGOM).  Tundra does not live in N.C., but for the right home, he can move in with you!