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Our Dogs

There are typically between 25 and 35 dogs in our program at any given time – some will stay with us longer than others as they overcome their medical or behavioral challenges.  Click here to read about some of our dogs who came into our program with serious medical issues and learn how we helped them recover.

The costs to run our rescue are well over $200,000 per year.  If you would consider sponsoring a dog, click here, or click on the "Sponsor Me" button on the dog's page.  If you are interested in meeting some of our available dogs, come to the next adoption event.  

Dixie and Her Ball


Hey there.  Want to play fetch with me?  How about a walk?  Click here to learn more about me.




My name is Teddy and they say I am "just right."  Just the right age, the right size and the right attitude.  I hope I will be the right guy for you.  Click here to learn more about me.


Wrangler at the Meet and Greet


Wrangler's my name and - it appears that - rawhides are my game.  Click here to learn more about me.


Patty's Face


You know Peppermint Patty, right?  Well, I live up to that name.  I am just as sweet.  Click here to learn more about me.


The Golden Girls

Paran and Pagiel

Hi, we're Paran and Pagiel.  We're just two "P's" in a pod!  Get it?  Ha. Ha.  Click here to learn more about us.


Dumas at the Meet and Greet


Yes, I know.  I AM the cutest puppy ever.  Only eight weeks into this world and looking to live life every day!  Click here to learn more about me.


Lola and Baxter

Lola and Baxter

Hi!  We are Lola and Baxter....Lucy and Ricky, Micky and Minnie...well, you get the picture.  We're a pair and we are hoping you could bring both of us home.  How about it?  Click here to learn more about us.


Niobe At Meet and Greet


I'm smart, I'm playful and I am looking for my forever home.  How about yours?.  Click here to learn more about me.


Lucky's Smile Too


SEPTEMBER 13 - LUCKY HAS AN UPDATE.  Goldens are great but labs are better!  Especially when they are named Lucky, just like me.  Check out my story and find out why.  Click here to learn more about me.


Peaches at the Meet and Greet


Hey there.  I am Peaches the doodle.  Don't I have a cute face?  I am just hanging out here waiting for you to take me home.  Click here to learn more about me.


Pepper and Her Stick


My name is Pepper and I am a playful little girl.  I'll be a big girl someday and I hope you can help me learn the ropes along the way.  Click here to learn more about me.




Hey, ya wanna go for a jog?  How about a walk?  That would sure be fun!  Click here to learn more about me.



Referral Dogs (not in our program)

We provide listings for referral dogs as a service to the community, but we do not screen dogs to determine their suitability for adoption.  We make no representations regarding the accuracy of the information provided by the owners/fosters and we assume no responsibility for the condition or behavior of the dogs.