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Name A Foster

Stacy20A fun way to support NRGRR is to become a Golden Guardian Sponsor. With a $100 donation you get to name a foster dog and we will keep you updated on their progress while they are in our program.

All of our rescue dogs have unique names as their identifiers, so you may have to get creative to ensure the name has not been used before. You are encouraged to use a special name to honor a loved one, or a funny or silly name to reflect the Golden's personality.  

There is even an option to list your sponsorship on our Golden Guardian web page where we include a photo of your foster dog and your reason for their special name. Click here for more information and to purchase your sponsorship.

Alumni Updates


When a dog becomes an NRGRR dog, they are one for life. We are able to follow our dogs transformation from rescue to adopt but some of the greatest stories are about how well they are thriving in their fur-ever home.
If you have special pictures or stories that you would like to share with us, please send them to Your updates may be shared on our publications or social media pages.

Support NRGRR Just by Shopping Online!


Whether it’s shopping for daily essentials like groceries, buying furniture for your home office, or even booking your next trip, the ShopRaise app lets you turn your everyday shopping into support for your favorite cause all at no additional cost to you. Want to learn more?  It is simple, download the ShopRaise mobile or desktop app and every time you make a purchase at a participating retailer, a percentage will support NRGRR.

Click here to download and start supporting us with every purchase!

Meet and Greet

Clair, Maggie, and Willie Nelson

With limited available dogs and government restrictions getting tighter with COVID cases increasing, our Meet and Greets will be held on a case by case basis through at least the end of the year. We will announce our plans on our Meet and Greet webpage a couple of days before the scheduled dates, which is the first and third Saturday of the month. Click here for more information about our Meet and Greets.

Medical Blog


Gracie Lou

February is Dental Health Month. In this month's medical blog post, our Medical Coordinator Katie McKay shares her responses to a recent question about dental disease and cleanings. There is even a helpful video describing what your vet is looking for when grading their level of dental disease, how to clean your dog's teeth at home, and some options for products that are available for your dog's dental health.

Paw Print Earrings


Paw Print Earrings

Check out the new paw print earrings, now available at the NRGRR Store. 


11 Dogs Adopted
through January 31, 2021

NRGRR is a 501(c)(3) organization in North Carolina that is dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation and adoption of golden retrievers in need. The organization advocates responsible pet ownership, community education and protection of all dogs.

The Rescue Ranger is the our monthly newsletter with stories highlighting our dogs and ways you can support NRGRR.

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