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 :) Loving foster mom

 :) Good food

:) Warm bed

:) Toys and tennis balls

:) Best canine foster sister EVER

:) Walks in the park

:) Yard to roam at my leisure

:) Car rides around town

:) Trips to the beach

:) My very own foster grandma and grandpa

:) CareFirst Animal Hospital

:) Neuse River Golden Retriever Rescue

Hi there!   My name is Wagner and my foster mom says that I am the most loving and gentle 110 pound teddy bear of a golden retriever she has ever met.  Well, of course I am…I have everything I have ever hoped for!   My life has been so good since I joined Neuse River Golden Retriever Rescue.

I don’t like to think about it much, but before NRGRR, I lived in eastern North Carolina and my owner was what humans call a backyard breeder.  I didn’t have much of a life - it was all about the puppies and the money.   

I was about 10 years old when I was sent away.  My fur wasn’t very pretty, my front leg was sore and I had a bit of a limp.  But the people that picked me up thought I was so very handsome.  They told me so!  They loaded me in their car – the Neuse River Transport Taxi - and took me to Raleigh.

My first stop was to meet a very nice dog doctor at CareFirst…she checked me out from head to toe.  She did this thing called an x-ray on my leg to try to find out why I was limping.  Somehow a picture appeared and it told the doctor I had an old break.  There was talk of something called a biopsy and then a really big word…Osteosarcoma.  Why do doctors always use those big words? In simple words, that even a dog can understand; it was bone cancer.  I heard the doctor tell my new people that there wasn’t a fix for this kind of cancer and I didn’t have a lot of time left – maybe two months.  Everyone agreed that the right meds would keep me pain free and comfortable so off I went to my new foster home with a smile and a bag of pills!

I was so doggone happy with my new foster mom and canine sister that I wagged my tail all the time.  I wagged it so often and so hard that it started to bleed.  Because of that darn bone cancer, the infection in my tail wouldn’t go away and went straight to the bone.  I didn’t complain… but my foster mom knew I was hurting.  She called Neuse River and we all went back to see the nice dog doctor again.

To make the pain go away, the only thing they could do was amputate my tail.  I now have the coolest little tail in town and it still wags non-stop because I am a very happy boy! 

Many thanks to Sarah Stuart for producing this video.  Click here to visit her website.

My foster mom makes sure I’m never in any pain from the bone cancer.  I stick close by her side when we’re at home, running errands or visiting family and friends. When she does have to go out without me, I wait by the door until she gets home.  My foster mom is so kind and I love her so much.  She’s making sure that these are the very best days of my life. 

Because of her care and love, I’ve already lived twice as long as the doctors thought I would…And she has promised that when the time comes, she will let the wonderful people of Neuse River know and together they will send me peacefully to the Rainbow Bridge.

You could do me a big favor and honor my foster mom by making a donation to Blarney’s Fund.  Neuse River Golden Retriever Rescue doesn’t give up on any of us because our care is expensive…they just make sure we’re taken care of and then find a way to pay for it.  Barney’s Fund helps pay expenses that go beyond routine care.


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