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Blarney’s Fund

Blarney’s Fund was created to help meet the financial expenses that go beyond routine care and allow supporters to specify that their donations go directly to our dogs with the most serious medical needs.  Below is Blarney's story as told by his Mom.

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From Blarney's Mom...



My Blarney was born to be a therapy dog.  Even as a puppy, he was drawn to people…young and old alike.  While working, he rarely needed assistance or guidance.  He had a style all his own and everyone loved him.  He offered his paw, did tricks, kissed on request and donned many a costume with only a slightly pained expression.  Blarney brought smiles to sad faces, love to those who felt forgotten, and was a gentle distraction to those who endured physical pain.  He was honored for his work with induction into the N.C. Veterinary Animal Hall of Fame.  

There are so many memories…  His Valentine parties with “I love you” balloons floating above his collar -  a chrome yellow raincoat worn so he would not offend with a wet dog smell  -  a resident who did not speak clearly waiting to open the door for us and whispering to Blarney what no one else could know – Christmas visits to church schools, changing costumes and children voting on their favorite - Santa Paws visits to deliver gifts and candy with a Santa hat and long white beard - his friend at the health facility that fiercely defended her job of bringing a banana to Blarney from the fruit cart each week so that he could do tricks for each bite – the fuss that ensued when another lady also brought a banana – the client of seven years who collected pictures of Blarney even though he was blind and would never see them -  hearing voices in the hospital halls or grocery stores calling “Wait, I know you, aren’t you Blarney’s Mom?” -  a story would follow - Blarney at funerals sitting up straight and tall with his gold medal on his chest – his longtime friend buried with her stuffed Golden toy named Blarney Jr. and a picture of  Blarney – and the list goes on and on. 




A lifetime of memories…

Blarney’s work was never done and his last act of kindness was to be photographed giving a nursing home resident a kiss so she could share the picture with her grandchildren.  

Blarney and I had nine glorious years together full of love and laughter.  Unfortunately, cancer claimed my Blarney in August of 2010.

Blarney loved and cared for his human friends all his life.  In his memory and in conjunction with Neuse River Golden Retriever Rescue, Blarney’s Fund has been established to ensure that rescued golden retrievers with serious medical issues receive the medical care necessary to find their forever homes.

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