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Loved Ones We've Lost or Honored - 2015

In Honor/Memory Of


Noel and George Poulsen Donna Blackwell
Max Patino Donna Blackwell
Berkeley and Bear Karen Shore
Molly Gauthier Lindsey Harris
Good Golly, Miss Molly Tracie Brown
Thelma Sanford Jo Anne Sanford
Molly and Felix Randolph Reid
Jack Wollman Jennifer Merritt
Raynor Ragini Madan and the Fleischman Family
Grits Millicent Fauntlery
Juka Nell Barnes
Toby Bryant Meredith Jackson-Speller
Ruby Peckham Donna Blackwell
Nell Barnes
Margery Phelan
Wendy Wilson
Bailey Lori Bruno
Ranger Margaret Coulter
Abigail Logan Dan Logan
Morgan Smith Malik Mariah Malik
Amiga Meribeth Howlett
Spencer Bill and Mandy Tomz
Hurley Austin Beth Austin
Debbie Oneto Mike Franklin
Jeff Comerford
David Kerr
James Harris
Diane Casson
Roscoe Eakins
Cynthia Brown
Jake Davis Wendy Wilson
Rod and Kathy Davis
Elvis Anderson Michelle Gray
Nell Barnes
RJ Eric Kivisto
Reilly Margery Phelan
Bo Jakie and Richard Glick
Luke Anne and Ed Altieri
Tom Arrington Howard and Carol Wiles
Annie Paul Allaire
Huckleberry Ladonna Harris
April Joy Robert and Carol Carlson
Leroy Quinonez Yanis Quinonez
Moses Greg Taylor
Rusty Boodles Ford Griswold
Katie Olga O'Donnell
Lady Chessie by the Bay Olga O'Donnell
Lucky Donau Charles and Sara Donau
Karen Ross Mauriciio Britva
Phoebe Smith Paul Smith
Shiloh Falk Wendy Wilson
Reilly Margery Phelan
Russell Franklin Hoisington Sylvie Pleasant
Catherine Elizabeth McKnight David Stines
Rain Tom Donovan
Kathy Davis
Wendy Wilson
Laurie Nuhn
Mary Jo Pringle
Barley Wendy Wilson
Tom Donovan
Kodiak (Fluffy) Terri and Jennifer Tooley
Bo Smith Julia Claire Alonzo
Amber Powell Sheryl Copija
Gumbo Donna Blackwell
Wendy Wilson
Lady Cranford Katy LaSelle
Kodiak Tom Donovan
Wendy Wilson
Cinnamon Potter Jodie Whitley
Connor Cynthia Johnson
Lauren Michelle Fontana Richard Green
Bob Robert Spencer
Greta Coningsby Joyce & Gary Kroesen
Jean Crump Scott Brown
Chloe Donna Blackwell
Maggie George Betts
Shelby Anita Lewis
Buddy Maximus Barrie Wiggins
Kelsey and Bailey Meredith Speller
Rusty Grayson Fitz
Hunter Sanfilippo
Al and Heidi Sanfilippo
Gail Waters
Donna Blackwell
Maris Cox Jimmy Cox
Bernie Donovan Tom Donovan
Nell Barnes
Windsor JoAnne Kroesen
JoAnne Sanford
Nell Barnes
Tom Donovan
Laurie Nuhn
Anita Lewis
Wendy Wilson
Dot Boulia
Bailey "Bay" Thompson Kristyn Moore
Belle Tooley Wendy Wilson
Miss Belle Sue Tooley
Josh Blackwell Donna Blackwell
Nicholas Julie Woodhouse
Buddy and Tara Deborah Key
Samantha Kay Jamie Garrett
Berkeley Karen Shore
Mary Ann Watson Deborah E. Miller
George Poulson Donna Blackwell
Moose Marsha MacMartin
Naha Anne Whitehurst
Ginger, Dilly, and Sunny Alice Abraham
Molson and Madison Jennifer Hakerem
Tucker Nuhn Wendy Wilson
Tom Donovan
Nell Barnes
Casey Wilson Wendy Wilson
Nell Barnes
Dot Boulia
Sue Williams
Biscuit Mary Caudle 
Sandi McAdoo
Amber Alsobrooks
Camille Johansson
Theyva Coffman
Amber Jill Cozzi 
Mochi Lewis Anita Lewis 
Beauty Kroessen Nell Barnes 
Bailey Harris
Debra Hamilton 
Gus Agnieszka Banbula
Jennifer Peckham
Pam Inglish
Judy McKay 
Eli Loftin
Michelle Disney 
Sandy Amy Womble 
Goldie and Gracie 
Elizabeth Slappey
Tyler Franco
Shelly Micyus
Rainey Christine Kjellberg
Zoe Keithley 
Cort Keithley 
Guy Suddath  George Suddath
Christina Wall
Jennifer Cunningham
Constance Markham
Allan Shaffer  Sherrie L. Rook 
Jan Dunn  Elizabeth Baird 
Beau and Lady  Deborah Taylor 
Stoney Kerr
Mary Kerr 
Sunny Dawn Jernigan
Max Goldberg
Karl DeBlaker
Kathy Carnes
Hampton Roads the Mariner
Nancy Hoover
Mr. Russell M. White
Holly Rossi
Marshall Dillon Burton Barnes
Donna Blackwell
Nell Barnes
Deborah Grissom

Losing a Pet

Anyone who considers a pet a beloved friend, companion, or family member knows the intense pain that accompanies the loss of that friend. Intense grief over the loss of a pet is normal and natural. Don’t let anyone tell you that it’s silly, crazy, or overly sentimental to grieve.

During the years you spent with your pet (even if they were few), he/she became a significant and constant part of your life. It was a source of comfort and companionship, of unconditional love and acceptance, of fun and joy. So don’t be surprised if you feel devastated by the loss of such a relationship. Click here for some resources that might help.
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