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Loved Ones We've Lost or Honored - 2014

In Honor/Memory Of


Ginger, aka "Puppy"
James Lynn
Casey Nell Barnes
Joyce S. Ely
John Ely
Christine Toner
Vivian Thompson
Abby Quinn
Jeannie Inskeep
Tucker Nell Barnes
Molson Nell Barnes
Nell Barnes
Border Boone
Dennis Zullig
Jennifer Peckham
Jennifer Haugle
Donna Blackwell
Nell Barnes
Sam Sharf
Maureen Montgomery
Spencer Nell Barnes
Nell Barnes
Eleanor Aker
Jimmy/Susan Owens
Gentle Ben
Melissa Primm
Lisa Nye
Allison Arledge
Julie Brookner Holt
Robert Bruce Shamblin
Gloria Shamblin
Allison Arledge
Tom Morris
Lacey Cheryl Dick
Emma Lotterhos
   (aka Bambi of the Sassy Six) 
Brittany Walls
 Lisa Morrell
Abby Alexandria Lane
Rob Shamblin
Tammy Richardson
Duncan, brother of Daphne Judith Jones
Angel Mulhammer Pat Duke
Dobbie Godwin
Cris Godwin
Emma Dayton
Amy Schuver
Allison Arledge
Lauri McCoy
Gabby, Tempe, and Miss Gant
Kate Taylor
Liz Baird Scott Kennedy
Liz Baird and Honey Benjamin Watson
Jake Rifkin Elliott Rifkin
Maggie George Betts
Drew Potter
Jodie Whitley
Quinn Bill & Mandy Tomz
Rob Shamblin
Hal Chapple
Buck (Coleman) 
William Brawley
Maggie George Betts
Sydney D'Golden Ginger Oglesby
Hershey Speller  Meredith Speller 
Desi Kroesen  Jennifer Peckham 
Michelle Gray 
Hercules Anderson Nell Barnes
Michelle Gray 
Berkeley and Bear Karen Shore  
Sadie and Sugar Mary Jean Franks   
Otis Blackwell   Donna Blackwell 
Rufus   Joel Katz 
Molly    Charlotte Novak 
Ginger and Ember    Todd Folsom 
Riley  Jenny Lewis 
Aspen Gregg  Ken Gregg 
Gulliver  Wendy Wilson 
Juka  Kerry Ahrend 
Griffin   Jacqueline Wills 
Nellsson Barnes  Andrea Mensch
April Curtis
Michelle Gray
Kerry Ahrend
Deborah Grissom
Lindy Anderson
Katherine Boyd 
Bud Kuhn Laura Kuhn 
Leo Donovan Tom Donovan
Big Ben/Finn Duke Wendy Wilson
Donna Blackwell
Nell Barnes  
Lindy Anderson  
Margaret Beverage  
Spencer  Bill and Mandy Tomz 
Tigger Debbie Grissom
Mallie Jimmy and Susan Owens
Nala Jose Santiago
Tammie Overton
BJ Crane
Amber and Casey Powell Jackie Powell
Joshy   Donna Thayer
Debby Ross Amanda Mazey 
Kona Fracher  Gretchen Hardage 
Chloe Bear Flores  JoAnne and Todd Kroesen 
Taylor Swirsky Lynn Goldenberg
Jagger Meryl Kingery
Safari Mhoon Heather Cutchin Evans 
Molson, Ruby and Nittany Peckham  Lori Dircks
Molson Peckham Dot Boulia
Lindy Anderson
Wendy Wilson 
Donna Blackwell
Margery Phelan 
Cooper Harris Amy and Scott Harris
Deborah Hamilton 
Lucy Nuhn Laurie Nuhn
Donna Blackwell
Nell Barnes
Wendy Wilson 
Debra Cecilia Dayson Alison Ross
Martha Hayes
Hattie Sinclair
Juno Antonelli Cindi Antonelli
Jenna Tomz Peggy Haar 
Golden and Tiger Samantha Flynn
Boston Mannon Heather Schimmel
Bridgette Wendy Wilson
Max Norman John Bradbury
James F. Tarleton Shelley Brown
Jennifer Austin
 Milton Barber
Randy Sherrer
Rebecca Pezzonoi
Linda A. H. Rekate
Janet Wingate
Shelby Anita Lewis
Buckeye Dunn Ivy Hoffman
Riley Emerson Kristina Kelly
Rhonda Wright Janie Dutton
Dylan Hahn Cynthia Hahn
Max Wilson Wendy Wilson
Kathy and Rod Davis
Brady Dillon Shelley Dillon
Emma Towe  Sue Towe
Jack Dyer The Dyer Family
Sarah Jessica Farber
Harley Grissom Nell Barnes
Jake and Cody Nadine Rubin
Scout Rafferty Katie McKay
Bella Grace and Emma Elizabeth
Abby Stow Kathryn Stow Hotard
Goldie, Greta, and Gunnar Laver The Laver Family
Buddy Frederick White
Chase Andersen Mary Andersen
Zinfandel/Zinnia Berry McMurray
Cheyenne Sarai Emi, Ginny and fur bro Tux
Jake a/k/a "Alan" Susan DAlessandro
Otis Nell Barnes
Donna Blackwell
Yao and Chih-Ing Swee
Jennifer Peckham
Nancy Cawthon
Dot Boulia
Great D. Coningsby Deborah Coningsby
Buckeye Noble Shawn Noble
Hearsay Noble Shawn Noble
Rylee Henke Robert Patterson
Julie Anne Whitehurst
Emily Burgess Walter Jorner

Losing a Pet

Anyone who considers a pet a beloved friend, companion, or family member knows the intense pain that accompanies the loss of that friend. Intense grief over the loss of a pet is normal and natural. Don’t let anyone tell you that it’s silly, crazy, or overly sentimental to grieve.

During the years you spent with your pet (even if they were few), he/she became a significant and constant part of your life. It was a source of comfort and companionship, of unconditional love and acceptance, of fun and joy. So don’t be surprised if you feel devastated by the loss of such a relationship. Click here for some resources that might help.
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