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Captain Planet vs. Allergies
Captain Planet vs. Allergies, be related to a medical condition, but in most cases, it’s just good old fashioned allergies. Do, the individual parts. Allergies can be managed, but only by attacking at all angles. EARTH, love it. HEART-Don’t fret, allergies can be managed and you can do it! It doesn’t, for the last two years! Woo hoo! To be noted, I have neglected to mention food allergies, which, . Perhaps Part II. Remember, there isn’t just one way to treat and solve the problems of allergies
Q&A, The Paw Licker
Q: Why does my dog constantly lick her paws?
Q: My three year old dog licks her paws incessantly. I've examined her feet carefully and found no injuries or other obvious problems, is this some kind of a nervous tic? A: The usual cause of constant paw licking is allergies. Humans tend to get stuffy noses, coughing and scratchy throats, likely. Let's start with allergies. Dogs are allergic to things that they inhale or absorb through, allergies. For more about allergies, click here. Chronic licking to the point of injury needs careful
The yellow hazy days of Spring
Tips on helping your pet thru the worst of allergy season.
badass bugs, the microscopic pollen is the culprit for most allergies. The visible accumulation, season to keep you and your pet itch free. The three most common types/categories of allergies are Food allergy Contact or inhalation allergies (environmental allergies) Flea allergy, and a sometimes two months on the new food to tell a difference. Add environmental allergies in during that trial and it may take even longer or seem like it’s not working. Far and away, allergies
It’s Lepto, its Lepto, for fun it’s a wonderful toy.
Leptospirosis, what is it and what can we do about it?
illnesses. Just like in people, everything has flu-like symptoms or are “just my allergies&rdquo
Homemade Dog Cookies
A homemade recipe, with step by step instructions and pictures for dog cookies you can make!
when Gus was on a food trial. He has seasonal allergies, but a vet friend suggested that there could, ; seasonal allergies by exposing him to small amounts of local pollens to “desensitize&rdquo
Here Fishy, Fishy....oils
How to help your dog with the many benefits of fish oils. This article contains information about the positive effect of fish oils on you and your dog and includes what kind and how much to give.
Reduces inflammation from allergies, arthritis and irritable bowel disease. Decreases Blood Pressure Promotes weight loss Support for kidney and heart disease and aids in fighting cancer Improved coat and skin Reduces inflammation associated with osteoarthritis, renal disease and inflammatory disorders of the skin (atopic dermatitis) Sounds good right? Sign me up, oh and my dog, recommend Fish Oils for, most of which are allergies, dry skin, weight gain and old-timers disease
Dealing with the Winter Itch
Some tips on how to help your dog get thru the winter itch
the summer itchies which are usually the result of fleas or allergies, winter itch is usually a result, isn’t infested doesn’t mean you are in the clear. And if your dog has allergies, they can
The Great Shed
Shedding got you down? Hot spots ruining your dog's good mood? Read this blog to find out how to cut back on your dog's shedding the right way.
Winter is well underway. I’m drinking coffee non-stop and am in my pajamas by 6pm. The good news about cold weather is that those who suffer from allergies, including our dogs, find some reprieve… don’t they? Is it me or have my dogs completely misunderstood the point of their thick winter coats? I mean, when its 98 degrees outside, I can totally understand blowing piles of hair daily, her sleeve. Today I had a great chat with her about allergies, skin issues and the dreaded winter
Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot.....Spots
A blog about how I deal with hot spots at home. Treatment ideas to try at home.
, not usually because of the rain, but because of his allergies. It’s a little early thanks to the swamp, . By this point, they are super painful and cause poor Gus to limp. Allergies, fleas and other insect, as an insect or flea bite or even mild allergies from pollen can be enough to start the wildfire known
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(appropriate weight) Health status: Perfect health other than some skin allergies
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