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Love Knows No Borders - Kosovo

Kosovo Dogs

Kosova Pet Rescue works in the Prishtina area to help companion animals.

We were delighted to be contacted by a former Neuse River foster who is now teaching in Kosovo. And still rescuing dogs! 
She had heard about our international rescue work, and asked if we could partner to bring two beautiful goldens to the US. It was our privilege to help complete the journey home for these lovely dogs. Ari and Hope are now beloved family members in North Carolina.

Life in Kosovo can be hard for companion animals. There are some nonprofit rescues that work on saving dogs from the streets, supporting spay/neuter in Kosovo and moving dogs to the UK, Canada or the United States. 

Kosovo Dogs

This Kosovo dog used to sleep in a planter. Now he has a dog bed and a loving family.

To help in this lifesaving work, we seek financial support to bring goldens to the US. To make these funds stretch the farthest, we also need flight volunteers. If you know anyone flying from Prishtina to the East Coast, we'd love for them to be a flight volunteer. There is no cost to the flight volunteer - we pay the baggage fees, and a volunteer brings the dog or dogs in crates to the airport for check-in and another volunteer picks the dogs up in the US.

Click here to learn more about volunteer opportunities and complete the volunteer form to register. 


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