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Available Dogs - Fluffy

Fluffy smiles hello

Fluffy is a senior girl, but there are moments when she is all smiles, tail wags and ready for a little active play.  Those are the moments that can make having a senior dog melt your heart.

She does have a bit of a nervous personality - so fast movements and clanking noises are not her favorite.

Fluffy likes her foster sister and enjoys watching her.  She feels reassured by having another dog around. She will follow her foster sister to wade in the water (creek, pond edge, puddle).

Fluffy has mega happy wags and smiles when her foster comes home after being away. And since she loves to be talked to, she's a great listener as you share the details of your day.  Who wouldn't want a greeting like that after a day at work?

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   About 10 or 11 years old


   50 pounds

Health status:

   Good, with moderate arthritis being treated with carprofen.

Major personality traits:


Very calm but doesn’t like fast hand motions, clanking of food bowls, or raising of leash.

Interaction with dogs:

   Neutral, but has enjoyed having her foster sister nearby and is comforted by her.

Interaction with cats:

   Does very well with cats.

Child requirements:


Kids over 10 years.

Fence requirements:


Enjoys roaming and exploring so a fence would be ideal, but not required.

General activity level:



Work schedule best suited for:


Leash manners:

   Does well and walks slowly.

Type of training required:   

None. She is house trained but won’t notify you when she needs to go out so a schedule would be good for her.

  • Fluffy 21
    Fluffy 21
  • Fluffy is a happy girl
    Fluffy is a happy girl
  • Fluffy loves the porch
    Fluffy loves the porch
  • Fluffy smiles hello
    Fluffy smiles hello
  • Fluffy loves a comfy couch
    Fluffy loves a comfy couch
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