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Love Knows No Borders

Join us during the month of February as we dip our foot into international rescue. We have learned about the very real need to rescue golden retrievers living in brutal conditions in some overseas countries. Several golden retriever rescue groups in the states have already taken part in these rescue efforts and we are learning a lot from them, including the desperate need to get other rescue groups involved in this effort. Follow us each week this month as we share different aspects of our efforts and experiences to rescue four dogs from Baicheng, China.

Week 1 - Introduction of the Dogs

China Dogs Pen

In late November, we learned about the amazing work being done overseas by a fellow golden retriever rescue. They requested the help of other organizations in rescuing 47 Golden Retrievers that had been pulled from a slaughterhouse and placed in a shelter in Baicheng, China, a town 850km northeast of Beijing. Neuse River Golden Retriever Rescue is dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation, and adoption of golden retrievers in need, and there was no denying that these beautiful dogs were in need. While our focus has been and will continue to be local, NRGRR is excited to help bring these dogs to the states and bring a few of them into NRGRR.  Over the next few weeks we will share the why’s, how’s, who’s, and when’s, so please make sure to follow us on our journey.

We believe that “Love Knows No Borders” and our love for the breed is the guiding light in this unique rescue mission. We’d like to introduce you to our China 4: Tian (meaning God of Heaven), Mei Mei (little sister/beautiful), Jin (Gold), and Zhen Zhen (very precious). Tian is a male and the others are female.




(God of Heaven)

Mei Mei

Mei Mei

(Little sister/Beautiful)




Zhen Zhen

Zhen Zhen

(Very precious)

Week 2 - Why China?

China Dogs week 2

Many of you may be wondering “Why China”? While every country and culture has different beliefs and practices, we learned a bit of what life is like for Golden Retrievers in China and couldn’t turn our backs. The meat market is a very real threat to all dogs within the country, but have learned that Goldens are a preferred breed due to size and temperament. There are also height restrictions throughout China, making legal ownership of a Golden Retriever difficult. A Beijing law states that a dog taller than 35 centimeters (1.1 foot) is considered illegal and that the dog can be locked up and put down if intercepted by police. Golden Retriever owners have to walk their dog at unpopular hours for fear of confiscation.

With the support of many US Golden Retriever rescues (I believe 8 this trip) there will be 87 goldens saved just in the month of March alone. In the words of our Golden Gala - “Together We Are Golden” and we are proving that with communication, collaboration and passion for the breed, “Love Knows No Borders”. Please donate to help us save the next ones in need.

For more information, see some of the work Golden Bond Rescue of Oregon has been doing to save these dogs in China. 


Video taken by a Golden Bond Rescue of Oregon volunteer on a recent trip to China.

Week 3 - Logistics

We bet you are thinking, “What does it take to pull off a Rescue in China?” While in the states, it is sometimes difficult to find Golden Retrievers in need; in China this is not the case.

Finding a Chinese rescue partnership and trusting vet is the easy part. Each dog requires several health certificates and vaccinations given at specific times, a 30 day minimum quarantine in China, and a USDA permit. The medical requirements are not all that challenging, as long as you understand what is needed and the timelines.

The greatest challenge is finding reasonably priced airlines willing to fly the dogs. Transporting dogs as cargo is almost impossible due to the cost (anywhere from $3000-$4000 per dog), so we found flight volunteers to fly with the dogs as accompanied baggage. Only a few airlines allow more than a 1:1 (dog:human) ratio, and even fewer with temperature controlled cargo areas which fly close to Raleigh. After much research, it was determined that AirCanada through Toronto to New York would be our route. From there, the dogs and volunteers will make the 9-hour drive from New York City to Raleigh.

While it is quite the journey for both the dogs and our amazing volunteers, we firmly believe that it is worth it. Our love of the breed knows no borders, and we are excited to be saving lives. Will you donate to help us save the next ones in need?

China Dogs Crates

We’ve received a very generous donation to help cover some of the costs associated with saving these beauties. With your additional support, we will be able to save the next lives in need.

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