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All It Takes Is Love!  Mixed Doubles Tennis Tournament

Sunshine and tennis ball

Date:   September 14th and 15th. Registration is open. 
Time:   Saturday and Sunday
Location:   Millbrook Tennis Park in Raleigh, N.C.
Format:   Mixed doubles
Register:   Click here to register.  Tournament ID 700136019

All proceeds from this tournament go to supporting rescues and shelters in eastern North Carolina. 

Donations & Sponsorships

Event Donation: Your donation will be used to support animal shelters and rescues throughout eastern North Carolina. We can do something big, we can do something small, because whatever we do is better than nothing at all. Click the button below to make your donation.

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Event Sponsorship: There are five sponsorship levels that you can take advantage of for this event. See the brochure below to learn about the benefits of each sponsorship level. Click the Sponsor Event button below purchase your sponsorship.

 Top Dog  $2500
 Big Dog  $1000
 Little Dog  $500
 Puppy Dog  $250

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Complete Pet Care Animal Hospital

Care First Animal Hospital

Grace Park Animal Hospital

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Unleashed - The Dog and Cat Store

Magnolia Animal Hospital


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Top Dog Training and Resort

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