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Sometimes dogs come to Neuse River Golden River Rescue in need of specialized veterinary care.  Blarney’s Fund was created to help meet the financial expenses that go beyond routine care and allow supporters to specify that their donations go directly to our dogs with the most serious medical needs.

This page, featuring some of our dogs who have come to us with special needs, is dedicated to NRGRR donors, volunteers, fosters and adopters who help them navigate their journey.   

Blarney, the namesake of this fund, was an exceptional golden retriever who loved his humans and created many success stories of his own.  Click here to learn more about Blarney and his life.

If you would like to make a tax deductible donation to help our dogs with extraordinary medical needs, click the button below.





Bisbee - Surgery A Success

Bisbee Having Fun


September 12: BISBEE UPDATE. Thank you to everyone who donated for Bisbee's eye surgery! We are happy to report that she had her surgery and everything went well. She has a few weeks of rehab, but she should be as good as new after that! Thanks again to all of her supporters! Your help is greatly appreciated.

We have a special request to help save a sweet dog’s eye. Bisbee was surrendered to us by her owners because they could no longer care for her and were moving out of state.  We took her in, and her foster family fell in love with this sweet girl who is such a people dog. 

Then, they discovered a small spot on her eye that didn't look quite right.  So, we sent Bisbee to our regular veterinarian who tried medicated drops.....when that didn't work, he sent us to a specialist, Dr. Fontenelle at Animal Eye Care in Cary and we received the bad news that the spot on her eye was a melanoma.  Luckily, the foster caught it early enough and we found out that there is a surgery, with a 90% success rate, that can be performed to correct it.  The melanoma will be removed and her eye and her sight will be saved. Without the surgery, the melanoma would grow so big that it would cause swelling and pain and she would lose her eye within 12 months.  We need your help to swing this $1,000 surgery. Please help us help Bisbee save her sight by making a tax-deductible donation of any amount that you can see clear to do. See what we did there? See what you can give to help Bisbee keep her sight!  You can make your donation by clicking on Donate Now icon.  Thank you!

Boomer Hanging Out

Boomer was a great older gentleman who found love and his perfect forever as a permanent foster in our program.   Click here to read his story

Bennigan is our sweet boy who suffers from seizures, but who has found love in his perfect forever home.   Click here to read his story

From eating garbage to living the golden life.  Alpha survived a difficult beginning and "pays it forward" to other goldens in need.   Click here to read his story

It's hard to believe looking at her now, but when Macy May arrived she was in horrifying condition.  So bad, she'd been sentenced to death row ... but Macy had a guardian angel!  Click here to read about her journey to livin' the good life!

In early February of 2013, Madge was picked up as a stray by Animal Control and taken to a rural shelter in eastern North Carolina. She was sweet, sad, scared and needed help.  We took her in and the journey to her new life began....but Madge had a secret!

Marley needed two very expensive surgeries and rehabilitation to fix his knees.  We took him in and ensured he would live the rest of his life without pain.  Read his story.

Like too many of our dogs who we rescue, Peace, only knew a life of neglect and starvation.  We saved her from her life lived in the shadows.  Read her story.

Wonderful Wagner has found his forever place in life with NRGRR.  With your help, he lived the rest of his life happy and well loved.   Read his story.

Maxamillion is a wonderful fella who lost his home.  When he came to our program we didn't know the extent of the special care he needed.  We took care of Maxamillion and ensured that he found the forever home he deserved.  Read his story.


 Roxanne was a permanent foster in our program who became a therapy dog and was adopted by her foster.  Read her story.  

To view more stories of the dogs with special needs who we have helped you can click here, click here, or click here