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Available Dogs - Dobyns



Dobyns is a 10 year-old, Pocket Golden mix who came to NRGRR as an owner surrender.  He is a very pretty, smart, well-mannered little boy who does well with other dogs and children.  He has a pretty face, pretty little ears and big bright eyes.  He has been to the dog park several times and interacts well with other dogs, large, small, laid back, and pushy.  He is a real "people dog" who loves being petted, talked to, likes belly rubs and takes treats well.  He knows some commands (stay, sit, working on heel). He likes riding in cars (likes to stick head out window as he goes down the road), is not food aggressive and enjoys softer treats, especially at bedtime. He does not pull on a leash when walked.  He has the run of the house and does not need to be crated.  He is not a known counter-surfer (he is not tall enough) and has left food alone that was on a coffee table.  He enjoys being outdoors as well as chilling on the sofa.  He has been left for 4-5 hours when his foster has been away without any indoor accidents.  If he needs to go out, he comes to you & bugs you until you figure it out (and don’t mistake it for just wanting to be patted). 

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 Ten years old


51 pounds

Health status:   Good - He has been treated for Lyme

Major personality traits:  

Happy, laid back. Loves people and car rides

Interaction with dogs:  

Great!  Played well at the dog park

Interaction with cats:  

Great! Ignores them

Child requirements:  

No restrictions, interacts well with kids

Fence requirements:   None, Has done well with both a physical and invisible fence

General activity level:  

Medium. Likes to walk an dplay but is a senior 

Work schedule best suited for:  

Any, but does best when he can have a break during the day.

Leash manners:   Good. Walks well and does not pull.

Degree of training needed:  

Continue general skills

  • Dobyns.FullBody
  • Dobyns.GettingPets
  • Dobyns.SittingPretty
  • Dobyns.Smiling