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Available Dogs -Daisy

Daisy 1


Hello!  Daisy here.  My Mama is a Golden Mix, and we're not so sure what my Dad was.  I came out looking a bit more like a cow puppy than a golden, but I'm golden hearted and just as sweet and adorable.  I'm feisty and love to play, but also can be a bit cautious and shy. I love to snuggle as well.  I'm looking for my forever home where I can rest my leash for life. 


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Ten weeks


17 pounds

Health status:  


Major personality traits:  

Playful and feisty.  Can be shy and unsure at times, but is coming out of her shell!

Interaction with dogs:  

Great! Playful!

Interaction with cats:

Child requirements:   Older children
Fence requirements:  

Preferred but not required

General activity level:  

Medium to high - she is playful but also likes to snuggle and nap.

Work schedule best suited for:  

Frequent breaks as she is a puppy and is still learning

Leash manners:  

Working on it!

Degree of training needed:  

 Basic training required