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Interested in visiting with some of our adoptable goldens? Attend one of our adoptathons.

You can get information about applying to adopt at the adoptathon or on the Adoption information page.

An adoptathon is a great place for an initial meeting with a dog, but you can expect to have follow-up meeting(s) with the fosters of the dogs you are interested in to ensure a good match is made. See when the next Adoptathon will be held.


  • Only adoptable NRGRR dogs attend adoptathons. If you'd like to see if a dog is a potential match with your dog, a private meeting can be arranged.
  • Note that all our available dogs may not be at each adoption event.

AniMall Location

Adoptahons are held at the Animall in Cary Town Center Mall. Check the calendar for dates, times and locations. Google map to Cary Town Center Mall.