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2019 NRGRR Calendar Contest

The 2019 calendar voting contest has now ended! The results will be posted this evening after checking for mail-in votes. The 12 photos that receive the most votes will be featured in our 2019 calendar. We have received 114 photo entries with 34 photos having advanced to the voting phase. Click here to see the finalists.

Delta and Finn Duke
Cody and Elijah Ahrend
Brenner Cox

Let's Get Started!

A couple things have changed with the calendar contest this year. The first change is that photo entries must include at least one NRGRR alum, but does not necessarily have to be a golden retriever. Previous year's contests stipulated that pictures be of a golden retriever but not necessarily a NRGRR alum. 

Also, it was felt that placing the winning photo on the cover essentially hid the picture once the calendar was hung on the wall. So now, the winner of the voting contest will have the choice of which month to place the photo and they will also receive a special gift!  

See below for more information about how the voting contest works.


Photo Entries

  • Photo entries are accepted from May 15 through June 22, 2018.

  • Entry fee is $5 per photo.  There is no limit to the number of photos you may submit.

  • Photos must include at least one NRGRR alum, but can include other dogs as well.

  • To ensure we have the highest quality photos, please follow the submission guidelines carefully.

  • Click Here to review the full guidelines and find the instructions to submit your photo(s).

Voting Contest

  • Upon review of the photos submitted, we will select a minimum of 26 photos to be included in an online voting contest.  Voting will allow our friends and supporters to pick the featured dog(s) for each month of the 2019 NRGRR Calendar.  Photos chosen for the voting contest will be judged on composition, quality and emotional appeal.  

  • Voting for the 2019 NRGRR Calendar Contest will run July 1, 2018 thru August 15, 2018.

  • Each vote in the photo contest will be $1.00.  

  • The winner of the photo with the most votes at the end of the six week voting phase will pick the month they would like to have the dog featured as well as receive a special gift.  The next 11 photos with the most votes will each receive a monthly spread.  The remaining photos will be featured with thumbnails throughout the calendar.  

  • Each of the 12 finalists will be asked to write a short story about their dog(s) to be featured in the calendar.  

  • Every individual whose photo is featured in the online voting phase of the calendar will receive a free calendar.  

  • We will make every effort to incorporate into the calendar the photo of each dog entered into the photo contest.

  • Each $1.00 vote in our contest goes directly to our general fund which supports the medical needs of rescued golden retrievers and golden-hearted dogs in our program.

  • 2019 NRGRR Calendars will be made available for sale in mid-October.

Any questions related to the 2019 NRGRR Calendar Contest may be submitted to Kerry Ahrend at
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