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Anniversary Book


Calling all NRGRR dogs and adopters, volunteers and supporters.  We are celebrating over 20 years of rescuing dogs in need.  To that end, we are producing a coffee table book of our dogs and their stories. Thousands of dogs have found a new life and forever home thanks to the dedication of our tireless volunteers. 

Each page in the book is just a $50 donation and you can purchase as many pages as you want. You can use one photo or a group of photos (remember the more photos the smaller they will need to be).  Add to that, the dog’s story in 250 words or less.

Each page must have at least one NRGRR alumnus but their four-legged buddies are welcome, too.  For those amazing transformations, we can also include a small “before” photo.  It’s all about the dogs, so no humans, please.  Make sure your photos are at least 300 dpi to get the best quality reprint for the book.  You will receive a complimentary copy of the book with your purchase!

Sadly, many of our dogs have crossed the Rainbow Bridge but they can still be included in the book.  If the photos you have aren’t digital, we can help with that, too.  Contact Jane at nrgrranniversarybook@gmail.com,or call 919-616-5951.

Deadline for submissions is March 25, 2017.

Helpful hints to make sure you get some great photos:

  • Make sure the background is colorful but not cluttered. The dog should be the focal point of the photo;
  • Be aware of shadows or glare, especially with a flash;
  • Photos should be 300 dpi;
  • Black and white photos should be saved in grayscale

Send photos and text to: nrgrranniversarybook@gmail.com